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104 and half years old. Oldest Female to Paraglide Tandem Margaret McKenzie McAlpine

Peggy flew a second time at 104 and half years old. 14/04/2012.
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Drunk crippled russian tandem paragliding pilot crashes with

Drunk crippled russian tandem paragliding pilot crashes with

Finally both of them get well, thanks godness. Created with MAGIX Video deluxe 2013 Plus.
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Ewa Wisnierska & Mad Mike Küng - Paragliding Tandem head over jump from hot air baloon

Champion Ewa Wisnierska and Acro Star Mad in Bavaria/Germany from hot air baloon.

Bohinj 2003, a Thomas Beyhl student called Martin on a with Leslie was hit from above by a Perec student called Peter during a safety training maneuver carried out under unsafe circumstances. All three fell into the lake with only minor injuries thanks to the reserve deployed by Martin. Peter could not deploy due to a ripped finger that was repaired in the nearby hospital right after the accident. Insurance covered the damaged glides. Peter kept on flying but Martin did not fly for a long time...

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Fallschirm Tandem Sprung von Sven in Calw bei Stuttgart

Wieder einmal ein gutes Video zum Thema Tandemsprung!

Fallschirm von Sven mit SkyDive Klinger Absprunghöhe 4000m Ort: Calw bei / Rottweil / Karlsruhe / Pforzheim http://www.SkyDive-Klinge...
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14.04.2012 Der erste Fallschirmsprung! Super Wetter, gute Sicht und nette Leute! Was will man mehr?
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THE BEST SKY DIVER OF 2013 2978(HKP-Blau) Gr. M
Herren KapuzenpulloverStil:Großzügiger Schnitt, Rundstrickware (ohne Seitennähte) Exact Rundhals, doppelt gelegt 1x1 geripptes ...

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Fallschirm-Tandem-Sprung von Anja beim Flugplatzfest Bad Ditzenbach

Der von Anja mit SkyDive Klinger Absprunghöhe 3000m Flugzeug: Cessna 182 Ort: Bad Ditzenbach / Berneck Organisator und Initiator war...
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